Home updates with One World...

Home updates. Ah yes. Well, I had so much planned, thought I'd get everything done within six months (ok, maybe a year) and then we could sit back and enjoy our home. As it often goes with plans though, things haven't quite panned out the way I hoped. The biggest project, the kitchen, will cost a fair amount of money and has been bumped down the list of priorities after we discovered that we will probably have to have all the rendering removed from the outside of the house. That means that I will have to live with my "kitchen of horrors" for a bit longer. 

So I'm now finding myself trying to improve our home on a small scale - you know, those small things that don't cost the earth but make a home nicer, more liveable, more personal and generally more of a home - whilst spending the big money on stuff I don't really care about (rendering, damp courses and outside fencing aren't the type of thing I can get too excited about) though know needs doing. The big stuff will have to wait until, er, the big and boring stuff is out of the way. 

Now, whilst the living room is technically done, there are always small things that can be changed and possibly improved and it is in my restless nature to do so - or at least try. I was therefore super excited to team up with One World Trading and bring some of their beautiful accessories and small furniture pieces into my home as well as sharing my tips for an interesting display on their site. Having worked with them in a professional capacity, I knew already I really liked their range and there were quite a few things I had my beady eyes on during the shoot. 

You know, like this amazing, oversized vase. Yes, it takes up a large chunk of my dining table (especially when filled with flowers), but I love to "play" with proportions and the shape along with a very faint green colouring was just too gorgeous to resist. And before you ask, no, the vase is not so heavy that it makes my table top bow, rather the table is so old that it has become slightly deformed over time. 

I had also toyed with the idea of changing the lamp on our bookshelf. The white Anglepoise that previously sat there just blended into the wall a little too well and I wanted something that would stand out a bit more and provide a stronger contrast to the white wall. Whilst I really love it there, I also love it on my desk in the office, so right now I'm trying to figure out where it will take up permanent residency... 

Something else that caught my eye was this Woodcroft Bar Stool which I knew would be a perfect fit despite the fact that I don't actually have a bar and probably never will. And still, the black metal and wood combination was too good to resist and I knew it would make a beautiful plant stand with the low part working remarkably well with a wood tray I already had. Instead of a plant though, I've decided to keep another oversized vase with some simple twigs on it and let the light flow freely from the window into the room. As I said, the living room is done, but just adding a few items (and removing others) has given it a bit of an update and me of course some more props to play with. 

The office, on the other hand, well, that's a different story. Since I'm currently working from the dining table, I have a tendency to avoid setting foot into that room. I knew though that I had to bite the bullet at some point and that I really needed to sort out so many of my small props, stash them away, clear the desk and at least attempt to display some of my things. All I needed was the right push to make a start which came in the shape of this wire wall unit that contrasts nicely with my vintage desk. Once I had it up on the wall, I actually enjoyed tidying the room, going through boxes, unwrapping many of my props and putting them onto the shelf. Things are starting to fall into place. The desk is looking more organised and the vase and lamp are adding a homely feel that distracts from the fact that this is a work space. I'm finally getting somewhere in that room. 

Disclaimer: All items mentioned have been gifted to me by One World Trading, however, all opinions, styling, photographs and words are my own.