Where Food meets Technology...

I'm not a complete neanderthal when it comes to technology. Like most people, I own a smartphone, computer, digital camera...etc. But when it comes to cooking and after the two days in Cologne hosted by SisterMAG and SCHOTT CERAN®, well, I feel like I've somehow been asleep for the last decade and missed the fact that technology in that area has also massively evolved. Faced with some of the newest innovations, my simple gas hob and electric oven look like I might as well sit in a corner banging two stones together in order to produce some sparks and a fire to cook on... 

But more about the event. Friday a week ago I flew out to Cologne to meet with a whole bunch of other bloggers as well as the lovely people from SisterMAG and Schott CERAN. The occasion? Well, to celebrate and get an introduction to Schott's newest glass ceramic range MiradurTM and get an idea about all it can do and how much things have moved forward since the first cookers of this kind came on the market. 

After a quick stop and shower at the hotel, we made the short way through Cologne's streets to spend the evening at the Kochfabrik (translation: cooking factory) a fabulous venue for food-related workshops and classes. Meeting everybody, sipping some wine and eating some fabulous and unusual finger food (those little cubes are a take on the classic potato salad) prepared by L'Escalier restaurant was just the perfect way to kick off the evening. 

After some mingling, it was time for the serious stuff. Well, when I say serious, I mean people dropping heavy metal weights onto cook tops and some of us getting to work with keys and sandpaper trying our best (and failing) to somehow damage these new MiradurTM tops. They certainly deserve their "tough beauty" tagline and the demonstrations gave us an understanding as to why they won the Interior Innovations 2017 "best of the best" award. I always thought these kind of cook tops wouldn't last in my kitchen because I can occasionally be quite clumsy, but this has certainly made me rethink my reservations. 

Next up was dinner at the most beautifully laid table I've seen in some time. Overflowing with candles, succulents and white orchids, it was like a stylist's and photographer's dream setup that created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the food and many, many fun conversations with blogging friends I hadn't seen in some time as well as new people. From handmade pasta and a mixed "indoor BBQ" plate to a beautiful chocolate dessert, it was just perfect. The wine was flowing and the laughter abundant. And just like that, it was suddenly time to make our way back to the hotel for some rest. 

The next morning we all made our way back to the Kochfabrik where we were greeted by a vast breakfast buffet. From fruits to croissants, sliced meats to smoked salmon, eggs to yoghurts, and freshly brewed coffee to wash it all down, this was just right to set us up for a day of interesting workshops. Well, or not, because there's always the danger of the dreaded "post breakfast food coma" looming, but as far as I could tell, we were all good and ready for the day ahead. The day ahead that started with...yes...more food, yay! Matthias from TörtchenTörtchen demonstrated the making of individual chocolate mousse dome cakes with a dark chocolate glaze. We were let loose on the glaze and even got to take the cakes with us - though since planes and delicate cake creations don't mix too well I decided to eat mine before heading back home. 

Two more workshops followed, one with UXperten about design, problem solving and innovation (which I seemed to struggle the most with, but that's probably the aforementioned breakfast coma setting in or my generally chaotic approach to problem solving) and a lesson about how to shoot on reflective surfaces with fab photographer Zoë Noble which was of course of particular interest to me. It's interesting to get the occasional glimpse at how other photographers work as well as how and why they make certain decisions. 

After grabbing a quick lunch (on the go, so to speak), we were driven to the IMM Living Kitchens to see just how Schott's newest product is being incorporated into appliances. V-ZUG, BORA and Bosch are three of the major brands with incredibly innovative approach to kitchens and cooking who are all making use of Schott's technology. Whilst I'm no novice in the kitchen, the striving for perfection combined with reinvention that was on display was quite extraordinaire. This is going right back to what I mentioned at the beginning: compared to all this new technology in the kitchen, I do indeed feel like I'm sitting in a corner trying to light a campfire. Maybe it's time to rethink my approach. Ok, maybe for the next house... 

A big Thank You to SisterMAG, SCHOTT CERAN® and everybody else for making this event so much fun and hugely informative. 

Disclaimer: As a guest of SisterMAG and SCHOTT CERAN® I was compensated for this post, however, all opinions, text and photos are my own.