What is art…?

I have a question for you: What is art? How do you define it? What do you perceive as art or artful? I find that a really difficult question to answer. Is art defined by what we see? Or is it what others might see? Can we declare ourselves artists or is that a term bestowed upon us by another person, somebody "in the know", a critic, a curator or a collector? 

Maybe we're all (yet undiscovered) artists in some way. Seeing something beautiful in simple everyday items, putting these items together in a way that is pleasing to the eye, the way a stylist creates an image, is that not something artistic in itself? The last time you arranged some flowers, books or trinkets on a table, was that not something of a little piece of art? 

When I paint, I'm not thinking about creating art, but I'm simply expressing myself. I might paint "a mood" or a portrait or just a little something to complement a colour scheme. I paint because I feel happy when I do so. I arrange things in my home in a way that makes me happy and that fulfils my need for a harmonious, bohemian, elegant, sometimes quirky home. The styles I draw inspiration from might rotate (I might have a little of a multiple personality in that respect), but the basic principle remains: my eye needs to be drawn to it and then be able to rest.

The same goes for photography. I am constantly trying to push myself and strive for (as yet unachieved) perfection. This is about me wanting to be the best I can possibly be, not necessarily about being an artist. There are weeks when I don't seem to post as much as usual and that's often down to me discarding entire posts because I suddenly think my photography isn't good enough. In fact, there has been a post last year I completely reshot after publishing it for exactly that reason. 

Of course I don't exist in a bubble all by myself and I like to draw inspiration from other people. Saatchi with their fab collection of art photography is a really great source of that kind of inspiration and beauty. But, at the end of the day, I have to stay true to myself and what I feel is right. So, I take pictures of things I like, things that appeal to me in their simplicity, their shape, their colour or because of their beauty - in short, things that inspire me and remind me of the beauty in the smallest details and in everyday life...

Copper wire
paintings by Carole Poirot
Diptyque candle muguet
paintings by Carole Poirot
dripping honey