Weekend Notes...

How is it Wednesday already? "Weekend notes" are supposed to be here (that is if I feel I actually have something to share because I have an awful lot of weekends with nothing much happening) on a Monday, but things of course don't always work to plan. I had made the decision to take the weekend off work (I know that sounds strange, but I tend to still work on weekends when I have deadlines - curse of a freelancer, I guess) because I really wanted to clear my head and just do whatever I felt like. That of course meant that I was swamped over the last two days and after spending hours and hours in front of my computer screen, well, the last thing I felt like doing was to write a post here. Not only did I not feel like it, my head was literally hurting and I knew the words just wouldn't flow. 

So, a weekend off then looked something like this: farm shop, walks around Chartwell, London Coffee Festival, Brick Lane, Columbia Road Flower Market... Not all in one day, obviously.

I had figured out the week before that I could get to a nice little farm shop in Kent within 25 minutes. Considering that it can take over an hour to get to various places within London, this feels like it's nearly round the corner. I stocked up on some lovely eggs, fruit and veg, and had a friendly chat with the owner. Food shopping in a place like that is a much nicer experience than walking into a supermarket, helps the farmers and the produce is generally better. The only problem might be that they make me feel like selling up our London house, pack my stuff and move out of the big city. It's something I'm thinking about more and more and it wouldn't really be much of a problem for my work (I can always drive to wherever I need to be and work from home the rest of the time) but Monsieur's work entails a daily commute to the office which means we're kinda stuck here at least for now. 

Anyway, after my grocery shop, Monsieur and I met (he'd gone for a bike ride) at Chartwell for a walk and some much needed fresh air. Chartwell is one of those places I return to again and again and it's great to see the gardens change over the course of the year. I could take pictures there throughout the seasons with completely different results. It was particularly nice on Saturday since we arrived a little later and the grounds were nearly empty of people. The changed landscape that looked so different from last time I visited reminded me more of something I would expect to see in Japan (I'd imagine) than in Kent and it felt so calm that I couldn't help walk around just smiling... 

Sunday was a completely different day. As a very enthusiastic coffee drinker, I had decided that I should of course visit the London Coffee Festival. I was curious about what I would find and of course wanted to sample some coffees...which I did...until my hands were shaking. Ok, not quite, but you get the picture. I had chats with many nice people, learned a thing or two about coffee and just had fun before venturing off down Brick Lane to slowly make my way to the flower market. I picked up a few goodies on the way, popped into one of my favourite shops (NOM Living), had some Turkish street food and let the sun warm me. By the time I got back home I was ready to simply chill and let the rest of the day pass in a quiet way with some reading and Sunday dinner - perfect after the busy madness in the morning. 

What else has happened since last week? Well, you can check out the interview lovely Nathalie from Made in Home did with me here and the shelfie post I wrote for Rose & Grey here. Now I'm off to tackle some more unanswered emails. Pass me the coffee!