Weekend Food...

Winter weekends are great for long cooking sessions in the kitchen and cosy conversations whilst the food is stewing. Come spring though, I often feel like I don't actually want to spend hours in the kitchen (not always, anyway) and I want something quick and tasty. The sort of weekend food that is perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun or something I can eat whilst reading a book - not that I seem to find much time for that come to think of it… This is one of my all time favourites: ciabatta, mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, tomato slices and pine nuts. The flavours of warm summer evenings somewhere in Italy or the South of France. Like a holiday wrapped up in one single tasty and simple meal. Add a glass of chilled rosé and some sunshine to that and I'm happy. 

Ciabatta Sandwich
Ciabatta Sandwich
Tomatos and Pine Nuts
Wrapped up Sandwich
Wrapped up Ciabatta Sandwich