Touches of summer... with #UKHomeBlogHop

Back in December my lovely friend Kimberly from Swoon Worth Blog organised a "Christmas Style Blog Hop" in which a whole bunch of bloggers showcased their Christmas styles. Now we're close to summer and Kimberly has got many of us together again for a roundup of our summer homes. When I say 'summer homes', I don't mean that (at least in my case) we all have a second home dedicated purely to this season, rather that our homes might change a little throughout the year. Anyway, if you've come from Old Fashioned Susie, hello, welcome and well, here's a peek into my home. And if you don't know anything about me or my blog, here's a (very) quick summary: I live in London where I share a Victorian terraced house with my (arguably) better half (commonly known as 'Monsieur') and my son. I work as a freelance prop/food stylist and photographer and try my best to at least occasionally update this blog. Whilst I started this space many moons ago with the intention of it being an interiors blog, I figured after a while that I have more than just one interest, so it soon morphed into a lifestyle blog that also includes food and travel. 

So, back to my home then. I have to admit that I feel a little bit like a cheat with this one because I haven't really changed much at all in terms of interiors. To an extent, the main change is the light that comes in on a sunny day. It changes everything and the way I look at it. The morning light in the kitchen and afternoon light in the living room. There's a beautiful glow to it that seems to transform each room. Whilst I always say that autumn is my favourite season because of its (muted) colours and November is my favourite month because I love the cosiness of it and the sound of the rain agains the window, there's something about summer light that is magical. 

There are of course a few small changes which seem to occur in a near subconscious way: since the wood burner won't get much use over the next few months in terms of actual fires (no, not even in this country), I'm instead using it as a little display area; the dark, autumnal feathers have been replaced with dried grasses and flowers that reflect the golden hue of (late) summer nature, cushions covered in mustard-coloured linen (though they do admittedly date back a little further) mirroring the dried grass colour, rattan and woven baskets because they're the materials that just say 'summer'. Accessories on display have been pared back just a little to match the lightness of the season. The latter is actually mainly down to the fact that I'm having a clear-out of props in order to generally lighten the load of things around the house. Pretty much as I did when we moved house 18 months ago, which is when the clear-out started. As I did when I got rid of most of my wardrobe last year (let me tell you, I haven't actually missed a single piece of clothing I gave away which goes to show just how much unnecessary stuff I was holding onto!). And now I'm carrying on, giving away, selling, getting rid of things that I don't 100% enjoy anymore. I will never turn into an outright minimalist, that's just not in my nature, but I do believe in having a carefully selected collection of things. That means that things I can live without, that don't fulfil a purpose, that won't really come in useful for either personal use or work will have to go. 

Anyway, sunlight and small touches aside, the most obvious part of summer "style" in my home doesn't actually occur in decor terms. Instead it happens in the kitchen. No, not with any major changes on my shelves, but in terms of the food I cook. I tend to very much move with the seasons when it comes to eating and cooking. Out go the stews and heavy pies to be replaced by fresh fruits and salads, lots of fresh greens, the wine switches from heavy reds to crispy, chilled ros├ęs. Grilled meats and fish, feta cheese (ok, any cheese, really), olives, the smell of a freshly cut melon is as summery as it gets. Homemade ice creams and sorbets for treats, maybe some fruit tarts for dessert. These have always been the biggest seasonal changes for me. 

Now, since this is a 'blog hop', next on the list is Lisa Dawson Styling, so hop over and take a peek at another take on summer style. And while you're at it, why not check out how all the other fab bloggers have updated their homes for summer? All the links will be live from 11am on the specified day. 


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