The importance of baking...

The last couple of weeks have been crazy with fab work. Crazy and fab is a good combination though, right? Unfortunately, whenever I'm really busy with work, something falls by the wayside. It used to be different when I had a day job and blogged on the side. Blogging was my creative outlet and the place that allowed me to escape from daily drudgery. Things have massively changed since and now my job is to be creative. So when times are mad and I concentrate on work, it doesn't seem to leave the required headspace for blog posts. When my mind is concentrating on producing beautiful images all day, it feels like my brain is being emptied out and there's nothing left in the evening. 

The same goes for baking. I love to bake and create lovely (and sometimes not so lovely, just ask my two men) cakes. I know that baking isn't really that important - unless you're a baker or you've been asked to make your best friend's wedding cake in which case it obviously is. In the great scheme of things it might not seem like something that would rank very highly on our list of priorities with everything else that's going on around us. You know, amongst work, family, renovating a house, worrying about the state of the world in general... However, to me, baking is a little like quiet time, like meditation, like 'me' time. Putting the ingredients together, mixing, waiting for the bake to rise. It's all, well, calming and that's what's so important about it for me.

And yet, I still struggle to make the time. Like many of us, when there are many things to juggle, the first things we let go of are the ones we should possibly treasure the most. However, sometimes they coincide with a request from somebody that you're just too happy to fulfil. And this is how this bake came about. The challenge was to create something Victorian that fits into modern times. So I baked this olive oil and rose Victoria sponge which went down a treat with my two men and I actually ate more of than I reasonably should have. It's a simple but really nice recipe which is just as suitable for a grey winter day as for a spring time afternoon tea and if you're interested in making this one than click here where you will find the recipe.