Tent London...

As some of you might know (ok, of course you know), last week was London Design Week and I tried to take in a bit of it. When I say 'a bit', I actually mean a minuscule amount as the program and amount of participating venues was so vast that even if I had been able to take the whole week off work, I doubt I would have managed to view it all. So, as I had to start somewhere, on Friday I went to Tent London since I thought it would be a good place to see lots of great design in one place. 

I wasn't disappointed. In fact, there was so much to see that I had to do some serious editing in order to fit it all into any kind of blog post. So, this is a tiny overview of some favourite things I managed to see. I have a few more posts planned to introduce some designers / companies which really stood out for me in more (picture) detail and hope you'll like them too.

PS: Unfortunately I have lost some of the details of the exhibits shown here, so if any of you know, please tell me and I will of course credit the designer.

Tent London Lighting Installation.JPG
Tent London - Di Classen & Unknown.jpg
Jake Phipps.JPG
Tent London.JPG
Surface View & Ginger&Jagger at Tent London.jpg
Laura Kishimoto.JPG
Conveyor Belt at Tent London.jpg
David Derksen Design.JPG
Crafted in Kyoto Noma.jpg
aditi studios at Tent London.JPG

- Beautiful light and "blooms" installation - if you know the designer, please let me know. 

- Di Classe. Light and "blooms"  installation - see above.

-  Jake Phipps

- Unknown

- Surface View and Ginger & Jagger

- Laura Kishimoto

- Unknown

- David Derksen Design 

- Crafted in Kyoto / +Noma 

- aditi studios