Sunday Table...

Since going completely freelance (it's been over a year now and I've missed my own anniversary!), Sundays have become a more relaxed affair. Gone is the Sunday blues, that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when thinking about Monday and the whole day has taken on a far more pleasurable feel, just as it should be really. I still occasionally work on the day, but it doesn't necessarily bother me as I'm free to arrange my schedule and take another day off. It's still a day to relax.

Being relaxed to me means savouring the slow moments. Waking up late, pottering about, drinking coffee, having a quiet house to myself until my men wake up and preparing food. It also means that I have the time to cook meals that might take a little longer, lay the table and er, spend the day in my jogging bottoms - not that those have ever actually been taken out for a jog. I've always liked having people sitting around a table on a Sunday, chatting and enjoying the company, be that family or friends. It doesn't have to be complicated and it certainly doesn't have to be formal in any sense. This kind of dinner is about food that is wholesome and tasty without being fussy. It's about large bowls of steaming stew like my boeuf bourguignon (click here for the recipe), vegetables and potatoes and everybody tucking in. It appeals to my need for comfort food and comfortable company as well as the part in me that wants to make everything as nice as possible whilst keeping things simple and inviting. I don't lay the table overly nicely every evening - I'd be lying if I claimed that - but I do try to make an effort when the time is there and I feel like gathering people around the table for more than a quick meal. A homely feel has always been of huge importance to me and this feeling of wanting to create a cosy cocoon is getting more pronounced in Autumn when the days are getting shorter and the weather is turning grimmer. It seems to me like time is slowing down just a little during these months and I don't mind that one bit. That's when I enjoy being in the kitchen the most and Sunday dinners start to feel a little more special than in the summer. And if the sun does decide to make an appearance, well, that's just a bonus. 

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