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I sometimes wonder about my blog (and myself, but that's a whole other issue). Not in a way that makes me question my choices and bury my head in my hands in despair, that's not what I mean. I wonder about the content. I call myself a 'lifestyle blogger' or at least I believe that to be the general term. My predominant interests lie in interiors and styling which is what most people would expect from 'lifestyle'. 

However, I am also - as you know - very interested in food, photography, and occasionally flowers - even if I can't name them! I'm not a "food blogger", I'm not an out-and-out "interiors" blogger or a photography blogger. All these are relatively tightly defined boxes and there always seems to be a certain pressure to define ourselves by one blogging niche. There are fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, tech bloggers, interiors bloggers, food bloggers (and probably a whole host more), and they all seem to have their one, very defined area from which they rarely move away.

Whether I look at styling an interior or put together a beautiful dish, the same though process goes into it. Colours, textures, flavours/cultures, variety and interest (the exception possibly being the "it's-Friday-and-it's-been-a-long-week-meal"). For me, the same kind of work processes go into interiors as it does into food. I would find it hard to choose a favourite subject. Both play a big part in my life and feature in my daily routine. How can I make a choice? More importantly, why should I have to? After all, "lifestyle" has the word "life" in it and life is made up of so many different things. So, it would be a shame to limit my blog to one small area and deny myself the pleasure of sharing the variety of things that make life nice. I rather like the idea of offering a variety of subjects, presented in the best way possible and some - hopefully - insightful and entertaining writing. Life shown in a stylish, beautiful and hopefully inspiring way - in short, lifestyle. Makes sense to me and it's what I like to share with you, how about you?

Thyme, garlic, onion & lemon
Thyme & Lemon
Garlic & Thyme