Spring Tables...

Sometimes things coincide in a good way and two requests with the same brief for a post coming in is one of these nice moments when things just happen to come together. A little while back I asked my lovely readers what you'd like to see here and was given some answers and a few briefs. Now life got slightly in the way, hence I'm somewhat late fulfilling all of them, but I haven't forgotten about them. Anyway, Ann from Scandic Hus asked for a Scandinavian table setting with a runner and some fresh flowers. At the same time, I had to put together a post for AOatHome on Spring table styling. So, what better way to deal with this than to combine the two?

What I have come up with are two very different schemes. One pink, one natural. The pink scheme is girlie and decorated with fresh pink blossoms. It just says 'spring' and is perfect for a get-together with some friends.

Now, the natural one is, I hope, the one Ann will like. When somebody mentions the word 'Scandinavian', we usually think of stark and minimalist interiors and decorations. However, that's not always the case. The scandinavian style is often very natural and uses materials like linen and wood and beautiful pottery. As I'm personally not exactly a minimalist, this is my take on the scandinavian table. The linen runner on a wood table, cutlery tied together with simple twine, cups and bowls which are slightly rough to the touch and muted in colour, more wood under the bowls and handblown glasses. Some fresh flowers displayed in an unpretentious way liven up the table and provide a hint of softness and femininity. All these are things that I would attribute to a scandinavian style that goes away from the stark and overly cool looks we have so often become accustomed to. Oh, and of course, no scandi table would be complete without some Ikea napkins ;-) 

                    The two-tone jugs, bowls, mugs as well as the pink bowls, jug and decorative birds are a kind loan from  Rigby and Mac .

                    The two-tone jugs, bowls, mugs as well as the pink bowls, jug and decorative birds are a kind loan from Rigby and Mac.