Something to remember...

I know, I know, it's a terrible cliché to come home from any holiday with bags full of souvenirs. Images of enormous sombreros, dodgy looking jewellery and completely useless maracas are the first things that come to my mind when I hear the word "souvenir". So, I did actually debate with myself whether I should or shouldn't share some of my holiday shopping. In the end I decided to bravely admit to myself and the world that I too am a holiday shopper and that I love to take home a little bit of where I've been.

France is a little different perhaps as it's also very much about stocking up on thing that I can't always get in the UK - mustard and mayonnaise where only specific brands will do and Sirop de Menthe are some of them. Those are items I wouldn't necessarily classify as souvenirs. Other things, well, they definitely fall into the souvenir category: the beautiful looking and heavenly smelling scented (muguet) candle from Fragonard, the hat from a market and the stunning antique bottle which Monsieur bought for me at a brocante. Then there's the attempt to bring home some of the flavours and smells of the region, capture a little of the life I would possibly have if I lived there and - to be honest - stocking up on items which I could buy in the UK but are actually cheaper in France.

All in all, they're something that remind me of a lovely holiday and a country I miss and that's surely the whole point, non?