Sofa search...

I've changed my coffee table (or rather done it up as posted here) and "recycled" my tablecloth as a wall hanging. I'm trying to do some much-needed spring decluttering and am keen on changing things around. Maybe it's just a case of feeling restless because the days are getting longer. Anyway, I'm currently somewhat fed up with our sofa and thinking of changing it. So when the John Lewis Summer catalogue came free with one of my favourite interiors mags, I sat down and took a closer look. Oh, decisions, decisions… So many styles and fabric options to choose from. 

Now, I always like the idea of combining styles, mixing classic elements with modern ones, rough with smooth, new and old. A classic sofa with a modern twist would therefore be an obvious choice and how could it get more classic than a Chesterfield from the choices in the John Lewis range. In order to take a closer look, I took myself and my camera to their Oxford Street store to take a closer look. Now, photographing sofas on a shop floor isn't ideal, but since I can't take several sofas home to try them on like shoes, this was the best option.

There were quite a few options on show, an elegant number in a burgundy velvet, a chaise longue in an icy blue, and the classic leather ones. Then I saw one I really liked! Huge, deep, squashy, in a cool grey. Perfect for lounging on, in fact big enough for three people to comfortable snuggle up. With different cushions it would have the right balance between classic and boho. It would look great against my white walls, combined with my old black trunk and white leather Wassily chairs. As I said, I like combining old and new, black and white, a squashy sofa with with leather and metal chairs. The only little hitch in my plan is that I might need a slightly bigger living room. But that aside, what do you think? 




Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, however, opinions and photos are my own.