Silver luxe...

I'm back! After disappearing for a few days last week, I decided that it was time to make an appearance here before people would start wondering whether I'm still alive. Well, I am. The combination of autumn melancholy, "I can't believe it's November already" feelings,  and half-term madness had got to me and taken away my blogging mojo.

It wasn't all bad though. I managed to redecorate my son's room and build his new wardrobe in one big 12-hour marathon. I met Tina from Colourliving who is mega-inspirational and and overall powerhouse. I made quince cheese over the weekend and rearranged some shelving in my kitchen. 

I also got my "winter candleholders" back out. I love how casual old bottles used as candleholders look in spring/summer, but I like something a little more luxe in the darker months, so these come out again every year. What about you? Do you change little things like this around every season?


Silver tray and candleholders
Silver tray and vintage spoon
Silver tray and white mini pumpkins
Silver candleholders and white pumpkins
Silver tray, white cup, vintage spoons