Rainy days...

We seem to have a lot of those lately - rainy days. Days that seem to stretch longer than they actually are and can weigh as heavily on the mind as the clouds are low. They're not the most mood boosting ones, the trees have been without leaves for some time now, there's a blustery wind and wrapping up warm becomes a daily necessity rather than a fashionable layering choice.

It's not all bad though. After a while I feel like I am becoming accustomed to the lack of sunshine and take comfort in the fact that it seems to give me the space and focus to make plans. It's much easier to concentrate when I'm not tempted by blue skies, sunshine and the prospect of afternoons whiled away in a park. This little mood board captures how I feel about it quite well. January is actually a great time to write lists, make travel plans, concentrate on work commitments, get organised and give the year ahead some thought. It's the time to declutter and organise the home, to edit the wardrobe and afterwards wrap up in a blanket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. As bleak as this time of the year might seem, it really does have a lot of positive sides to it, don't you think?

The photo of the birch tree was taken and sent to me by Marina Oseni.