Plate display...

Monsieur's done well and I'm smitten with a plate. If that sounds somewhat strange, let me explain. A while ago I spotted a beautiful, handmade portuguese plate in a well known department store. At the time I pointed it out to monsieur saying that not only did it remind me of all the childhood holidays I had spent in Portugal with my family, but I really loved the design, the colours and the way it felt a little rough to the touch. However, reasoning with myself that I really didn't need another plate and that I'm saving my pennies for my new camera, I decided to leave it where it was. 

Cue my birthday and the wonderful surprise that Monsieur had remembered it - the plate, not my birthday that is, I mean, he obviously remembered my birthday… Anyway, there it was, amongst some very well chosen music, and it looked as beautiful as I remembered it. Its colours and patterns reminding me of balmy summer evenings and fun around dinner tables packed with simple food and good wine. Does that sound like I'm "reading" too much into a simple plate? Well, maybe, in which case I should just go with what monsieur said "it'll make for a nice prop" - he's clearly learning.

Plate 1.jpg
Plate 2.jpg
Plate 3.jpg