Over to you...

At first I just wanted to 'pop in' to wish you all a happy weekend. It's been a strange week here with plumbers walking in and out of our flat all week, no hot water, Monsieur nearly getting electrocuted by a faulty immersion heater fuse. So you can imagine that I'm hoping for a somewhat less "exciting" weekend now. 

Then I spoke to a friend last night. We spoke about many things, one of them being my work and blog. Truth is (she's right there), I need (and want) to challenge myself a little more and I want to engage with you all more than I have so far. I value and love reading all your comments and one in particular (you know who you are and I'm looking forward to seeing the print in your kitchen) made me think about how I could give something back to you and involve you more.

So, here's what I'd like you to do: I would like you to decide what you'd want me to style and photograph. It could be a problem you'd like solved (like this one), an image you'd like me to create, tips on how to display certain objects, a certain style you'd like to see put together. It will be like a mini series called "Over to you…" and will feature once a week here on my blog. It's up to you to challenge me and up to me to rack my brain and come up with a solution. You can leave a comment today and/or on any of the posts in the series. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and am excited about the idea of working on something you'd like to see.

Right, now for my original reason to post today: wishing you all a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Weekend.jpg