Out of the Dark...

Last week I had the pleasure to have been at the Timorous Beasties summer party where I was not only able to sample the ice cream and bubbly on offer, but also (more importantly) admire some fantastic furniture pieces from the collaboration between Out of the Dark and Timorous Beasties.

Out of the Dark is an amazing charity founded by Jay and Jane Blades which they have been running for 13 years. Through their work, they are supporting young people and helping them stay away from trouble by teaching them skills, crafts and DIY. Personal experience as teenagers and professional backgrounds in building and interior design has placed them in the best position to help young people who would otherwise not get the chance to learn work skills and pull themselves out of trouble. 

It's an important project and this collaboration which uses Timorous Beasties fabrics on restored vintage furniture to an amazing effect is a match made in heaven. The fabrics work so well on the chairs and the wallpaper just looks so fantastic inside the cabinet that I can't really imagine those pieces looking any other way. The only downside? A small venue and lots of people meant that I wasn't able to take as many photos as I would have wanted - on the upside though, it might be the perfect excuse to visit again. 

If you'd like to find out more about the project or the fabrics, please click on the names (first paragraph) to get to the websites.