Out of Africa...

Ever since I traveled to Africa I have a real soft spot for the various countries' culture and crafts. And even though I clearly don't know enough about each country (that would be like somebody coming to Europe and claiming that Germany and Portugal are the same because "it's all Europe, isn't it") the one thing they seem to have in common is a love for life, music and colour.   

So, when I found out about Le Marché Africain on Sunday, I grabbed my camera and made my way to Brick Lane. It was the first market of this kind that had been organised and I was greeted by loud and lively music. There were tea and cupcakes on offer and various stands with beautiful and colourful clothing and accessories. 

The one stand I felt particularly drawn to belonged to Ines Kitoko who creates fashion accessories you won't find on every high street. She uses beautiful African fabrics in amazing colours and patterns, along with leather and little shells. Those big fabric necklaces would look amazing with a crisp white shirt and a pair of jeans, don't you think? Besides, supporting independent trade is always a good idea, non?