Our summer garden with Urbanara...

Looking at our garden now, it seems like ages ago since it looked more like a dump than a garden. Up until 8 weeks ago (roughly) most of the patio was filled with the old kitchen I had ripped out, rotten vinyl flooring and rubbish left by the previous owners including an old door. It was a complete and utter mess, uninspiring and drab. Of course it didn't help that the trees were bare over winter, it was wet, cold and got dark early and there's no rear access to the garden which meant every last bit had to be carried right through the house to get rid of it all. We simply left it all there whilst concentrating on the interior. 

That was until the first signs of Spring appeared, the trees turned green again and I could suddenly see at least a little potential in our outdoor space. I made a call to a rubbish removal company to have the space cleared and discovered just how nice it is to look out of the kitchen window without seeing a mountain of disused kitchen units. That alone was enough to give me the proverbial kick up the backside to make the garden into the kind of space we could actually enjoy. There was one piece of "rubbish" left, however: the cast iron mantlepiece that used to be in the living room but had been replaced by a wood burner. The company that had removed the rubbish were going to charge another hefty amount to remove it due to its weight, I simply couldn't be bothered to stick it on ebay and I certainly didn't want to give out my home address and let some complete stranger walk all through the house into the garden to pick it up. 

So, I did what anybody would do (they would, right?): I kept it and turned it into a feature. A shelf for plant pots and the kind of object that would give the garden the feel of an outdoor room. Being on a very tight budget (i.e. no budget) means that there won't be any big redesign any time soon. Luckily I've always been rather fond of the more homemade approach. Just like I've never dreamt of a fully inbuilt and sleek kitchen, I've never really desired a garden that has obviously been designed. Whilst Monsieur keeps threatening to pull all the ivy off the back fence, I'm quite happy for it to grow wild and give it a little bit of a "secret garden" feel. I like my gardens the same way I like my interiors: with unusual details and certainly not too perfect. 

The only thing missing was somewhere comfortable to sit on warm days. You know, those few days when the stars might align and we actually get some sunshine in this country. So, when Urbanara contacted me asking whether I'd like to collaborate with them as they have a new range of garden items, I didn't hesitate for one moment. I had worked with them before and knew I liked pretty much everything they offered. 

And I found exactly what I needed: a deckchair to relax in with a good book along with a little side table for my cocktail lemon water and some beautiful lanterns that I could light in the evenings. Suddenly it all came togehter, well, not all really, but at least this part of the garden. Still, the huge overhanging trees, the ramshackle shed (yes, I'm planning to tear it down at some point and put a little summer house or greenhouse in its place) at the end of the garden, the flowerbeds that are revealing new flowers each month and the wonky fence, none of these things bother me too much now. All these imperfections (and that includes the ivy) make it look quite charming in my eyes - though I might of course be biased - and something I'm quite happy to live with for the foreseable future. Besides, I still have so much to learn about gardening, that I don't really have a choice than to take it very slowly. For now, this will do and I'm happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. You know, on those occasional sunny days...

Disclaimer: The deckchair, side table and lanterns have been gifted to me by Urbanara, however, all opinions, styling, photographs and words are my own.