Original boho...

I'm back. It's been a little while and I know I left here without a warning… About two weeks back my mum got ill (luckily she's ok now) and I hastily decided to pack my bag, car and head over to Germany (that's where she lives, long story) to see her and my dad. As it all happened so quickly and it was completely unplanned, I dropped off the social media radar. You see, to my mum and dad, most social media is as close to black magic as you can get without actually bringing out a witch's broom. Immersing myself into a few days of simple family life, I realised that it felt good to take a step back from my virtual life. I realised just how much importance I had placed on it and that I was in danger of missing out on real life and losing sight of what's really important. The constant "noise" coming from the various platforms can become overwhelming and unimportant small things are blown out of proportion and become big issues. This time away has been refreshing, calming, and important in order to clear a few things for myself.

I also had a chance to (of course not for the first time) look around my parents' house and take in the small details. Most of the things I have known since I was a child and they provide the kind of comfort we feel when we're coming home - despite the fact that I never lived in this particular place. I remember that as a child all these things seemed so different from how everybody else lived. They didn't adhere to the norm and how other people's parents lived or decorated their homes. I didn't know anybody else who had a wood burning stove sitting in the kitchen (though we also had a standard electric cooker) that would actually be used for baking bread. Whilst most people went on holiday to Spain and probably thought Europe ended on the Costa Blanca, we went camping in Portugal which was at the time untouched by mainstream tourism. We were surrounded by people who were as unconventional as my parents and had to learn some Portuguese in order to buy food. 

The lack of a built-in and perfectly ordered kitchen, more importance placed on social issues and intellectual values than pretty clothes, and the mismatched items collected on travels make my parents' generation in some ways the original bohemians. They didn't go out to buy a certain look, but simply kept things they liked, treasured and valued for other reasons than monetary ones. They wouldn't have dreamt of actively looking to achieve this look, it simply grew from all the small things they had. Yet, the overall look would today be described as 'boho'. Original boho, I'd say. 

plant and accessories at window
sand rose on plate
silver tray, tea pot and goblets
couscous dinner
sand rose
silver tray and goblets
vases and pots
arab details
pearl lampshade