One moroccan tile...

Just one single tile, spotted in a shop, was all I needed for a little inspiration. I wasn't looking for tiles, why would I? I don't have a wall to stick them to as we're renting. But these are just practical considerations, right? Whilst I can "do" practical, I'm also very much a dreamer and creator of my own parallel reality. In this parallel reality, I have a kitchen adorned with exactly these tiles and pale grey dado tiles added to the top. In that kitchen, the kettle is always just boiled for a cup of coffee and the smell of freshly baked cakes and bread is lingering and making its way through the house. Fresh flowers in handmade ceramics are sitting on the table and it's the place for friends to sit, chat and share a meal on a Sunday. One day I will have that kitchen and I will say with a smile "it all started with one moroccan tile"... 

Fired Earth moroccan tile and white roses
White roses
White roses and moroccan tile
White roses, blue bottle, moroccan tile
White roses