Olive Oil and Rosemary Bread...

Yesterday I baked the most simple and comforting thing: bread. After a hectic couple of weeks with no time to cook or bake anything special, I felt the need to do something as mundane as kneading bread. I had been running around in the morning, did an interview and organised things until I felt like I just needed to take a little step back and do something "brain relaxing". Plus, being away last week also means that I'm now looking at a bit of an email backlog which I'm trying to catch up on, so all the more reason to get away from the computer (after having ploughed through some of them of course) for a little while.

olive oil and rosemary bread

As you might know, I went to Holland last week to photograph a home and to hold my first ever styling and photography workshop. It was such a lovely experience that the email catchup really is the only and very small downside which I happily deal with. I had the most fabulous time over there, met some lovely people and learned some things about the Dutch I hadn't known before. I got to explore Utrecht a little and have girly chats, have meals out and slightly boozy evenings, and I got to teach a group of great women on a super sunny day which went so much better than I (a natural worrier) had expected. But more of that in another post.

I got back home on Saturday to find a little parcel from the US which was perfect timing (no pun intended) and a lovely distraction from unpacking my luggage. In it was my new watch from JORD Watches! You might have noticed by now that I'm not a very "bling" person. I don't really wear ostentatious jewellery or expensive show-off pieces. Sure, I might like the odd diamond, but that would be limited to small stud earrings, a special ring or - at a push (and if I ever had the funds!) - a very simple bracelet. I tend to wear relatively simple pieces that mean something to me. The silver feather ring Monsieur gave me, big, chunky silver rings with large semi-precious stones bought in Portugal many years ago, my silver karma necklace bought in NY last year... In my home as in my wardrobe, I like to be surrounded by natural materials. Ceramics, natural stone, wood and linen are all materials that make me feel at home in my four walls and comfortable and confident in my clothes. A watch made from cherry wood then is something that couldn't be more perfect for me and adds the right kind of finishing touch to my overall look - even my linen apron as in this case! I had never seen wood watches until the lovely people of JORD Watches contacted me, but I was immediately taken with the idea. Looking through their website, I found several "suitable candidates" and decided to settle for something that would work with my skin tone as well as my "not exactly petite" frame. Of course it's never quite as easy to choose from a website as it is in an actual shop, but this really turned out exactly the way I had expected and I love it! 

Anyway, back to the bread! I made it yesterday and it's now nearly gone already! It was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside and tasted - if I might say so myself - amazing. Even Monsieur, possibly my harshest critic, really liked it and took a big chunk to work with him this morning. If you'd like to give it a go, here's the simple recipe:

olive oil and rosemary bread


  • 320g bread flour
  • 250ml warm water
  • 1.5tsp active dry yeast
  • 2tsp caster sugar
  • 2tsp salt
  • 3tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • 1/2tsp coarsely ground Himalayan pink salt
  • extra olive oil for the bowl and for brushing
olive oil and rosemary bread

And here's how it's done:

  • pour the warm water into a large bowl
  • add the sugar and then sprinkle the yeast on top
  • leave for around 10 minutes until the yeast starts to foam
  • add the salt and olive oil and mix
  • add the flour and mix with a wooden spoon
  • now take the dough out of the bowl and knead for a good ten minutes
  • if the dough is very sticky, add a tiny bit of extra flour
  • once the dough is smooth and only slightly sticky, form it into a ball
  • clean out the bowl (or use another one) and pour a little olive oil into it
  • put the dough into the bowl and turn so that it's covered in the oil
  • cover the bowl with cling film and a kitchen towel on top and leave to rise in a warm place for an hour
  • grease a baking form (rectangular, around 20x26cm) with olive oil
  • put the dough into the baking form and flatten to cover the form
  • press some holes around half way through the dough all over the surface
  • cover and leave for another half hour
  • preheat your oven to 200C
  • uncover the baking tray, brush with olive oil, sprinkle the rosemary and the salt on top
  • bake for 30 minutes until the surface is golden
  • drizzle a little olive oil on top to soak in before serving
  • serve with a little olive oil for dipping
olive oil and rosemary bread
olive oil and rosemary bread
olive oil and rosemary bread
olive oil and rosemary bread
olive oil and rosemary bread

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