Oh, honey, honey...

After a weekend where Monsieur was plagued with illness including a two-day hospital stay and my nasty cold a couple of weeks ago, I'm starting to feel a little more upbeat again which certainly makes me appreciate my health. One of the things that I'm sure has helped me (Monsieur not so much, but that's a different story) are copious amounts of hot lemon, freshly grated ginger and honey. For that reason I thought it would be only fair if I did a little post paying homage to the health benefits of honey. Hey, I do owe quite a bit to that stuff...

  1. Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Apply a little honey to chapped lips, minor burns or small grazes on your skin and it will help with the healing process.
  2. It boosts your immune system. This is obviously particularly important in winter when we're more prone to colds. It also suppresses coughs once the cold has got hold of you.
  3. It helps with indigestion. If you suffer from being bloated, a spoonful of honey in warm water helps.
  4. If you're feeling a little low and tired, honey is a great energy booster.
  5. It can also help you sleep (which might sound contradictory to point 4). The old-fashioned recipe of honey mixed with warm milk in the evening really does work.

Btw, I have it on good authority (thanks to the lovely chaps from Hopper and Space) that Manuka honey from New Zealand is one of the best out there - not that I'm an expert on this subject...

Honey 6.jpg
Honey 4.jpg
Honey 5.jpg
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Honey 2.jpg

PS: Apologies about "double-posting" (see yesterday) the first pic, it just worked for both subjects so nicely...