Link Love...

Another busy week has passed, I've had some fabulous news - more of that when I know that it's definitely in the bag, went to a Christmas press show (slightly surreal when it's hot and sunny), I'm really looking forward to meeting a fellow blogger for the first time this afternoon and a countryside wedding tomorrow. I've had many little moments this week which made me smile and much to be thankful for. And of course there are the little things I have found online and wanted to share with you below. I hope you'll like them. Wishing you all a wonderful and sunny weekend.

- Take a look at this beautiful vintage-inspired kitchen at Sköna Hem.

- If you like plates for decoration, then you might love this amazing wallpaper by Studio Ditte.  

- If you don't have any plans for the weekend, how about some little craft projects over at Poppytalk. It also - ahem - includes one of my own... 

- Malene Birger is one of my favourite designers, I love her aesthetics in fashion as well as interiors. Her house in Mallorca combines nordic, natural, North African and Spanish influences to a perfect mix.

- Tomorrow I'm off to another wedding in the Kent countryside and I'm looking forward to a lovely day of celebration. If you like weddings too (and who doesn't) you should have a look at lawyer turned wedding photographer Stephanie Court's blog - she really captures all the happiness and spark of the couples' special day.

 - The Pinterest board that made me laugh: That's not my Age's Fashion Bin