Link love...

It's been another busy week here and I am looking forward to a hot weekend and a chilled time. I've also had quite a bit of trouble with feedly and thought for a couple of days that I had lost all the blogs I'm following - panic! Luckily that's now sorted and I can start to relax again. So, whilst we're on the subject of relaxing, why not grab yourself a cup of tea, take a break and check out the links I have for you this week... 

- If you're looking for home accessories with beautifully designed flower patterns, you should really take a look at abigail*ryan and their fabulous collection. I love their approach, the colours and designs and I'm sure you will too.

- Ever wanted to take a peek into a stunning moroccan home? This one here belongs to Roger Vivier designer Bruno Frisoni and has all the elegance you'd expect combined with some very moroccan touches.

- Fancy "speaking" like an Italian? Well, here's A crash course in Italian hand gestures which might come in useful on your next holiday or at least make you smile.

- If a holiday somewhere hot is not in sight yet, get a dose of Spanish sun and French living over at My Castle in Spain, the blog by lovely Lala. This blog has it all, patisserie-style baking, crafts, food, and a lot of Andalusian sunshine.

- If pretty, whimsical, vintage-inspired and handmade pieces for your home, cards and wedding stationery are what you're looking for, then Vicky Trainor's etsy shop The Vintage Drawer is the one for you.

- Last but not least: find out everything you ever wanted to know but never dared asking about chocolate here at Chloe Chocolat, a website dedicated completely to the sweetest (and sometimes bitter) treat of all.