Link love...

There are so many blogs I read, people who write great posts, beautiful photos, and interesting things and articles out there that I sometimes feel that I don't mention them often enough. They make me smile and think, give me inspiration and ideas, or are just very interesting. Sharing their work is tricky on here as I only blog my own photos, so I don't take third party images and link back to the source. However, I thought it would be a nice idea to link to some of the things which made me happy this week and I hope you might like them too. So, why not take a look at some of the links below?

  • Download beautifully intricate The Secret Garden colouring-in sheets by Johanna Basford here and spend an afternoon listening to music and playing with colour.
  • Looking for inspiration for your business card? Check out this Instagram shot by Life in Sketch here.
  • If you like anything Paris, take a look at this Etsy Treasury
  • Read the newest issue of Heart Home Magazine here, it includes some beautiful styling and photography by Jeanette Lunde and more!
  • You should read Take only Memories, the blog by the lovely Vanessa Locke. It's full of thought provoking posts which will make you smile.
  • Take a look at this beautiful, handprinted scarf by Garlic, it would look great with a t-shirt and blazer...
  • In need of some styling inspiration? Have a look at the vignettes-post over at Anya adores!
  • Get some fresh interiors inspiration. Take a peek at this gorgeous example of an old Citro├źn garage converted into a home. 
  • If you like hotels, travel and interiors, you should read this fab blog post by Walnut Grey Design: The sham of the Boutique Hotel.  
  • And, whatever you do, don't forget this!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!