Life in Instagram...

I tend to work mostly from home. Sometimes, like last week, I'm lucky enough to work in something that feels like a parallel universe. The kind of property that I will (most probably) never live in and that seems to belong into a world which is completely different from my own. I don't mind though. I can quickly immerse myself in that world and just as quickly step out of it and appreciate everything  that surrounds me in my life.

I guess one of the reasons I like Instagram is that I can capture all the little moments which make life happy and special to me. The snapshots that might be forgotten because I don't have my camera with me and the small things that pop up and I can look back on at a later time - just in case I do need reminding. So here are some of those little shots. I thought they'd make a nice change between all the styling posts and bring me back down to earth... 


Instagram Canvas & Cream.jpg
Instagram Home Accessories.jpg
Instagram Chartwell.jpg
Instagram Outfit.jpg
Instagram Sunbury .jpg