Jessica Zoob & Romo...

A couple of weeks back I was lucky and privileged to have been invited to the launch party of the Romo Black Edition Collection 'Desire' by Jessica Zoob. Jessica is a wonderful contemporary artist whose work I immensely admire and which makes me wish I had a house the size of a castle (and a bank balance to match) so that I could start collecting her work.

If you're not familiar Jessica's work, then imagine nature in its loveliest colours viewed through a soft focus lens with the most striking parts depicted in more detail. Jessica  gets her inspiration amongst other things from crumbling plaster walls and nature and her paintings are heavily textured through the use of oil paints over underlying structures of gel mixed with glass, sand, cement and gesso. All the amazing colours, brush strokes, textures come together as pieces of art which are full of feeling and emotion. 

So, Romo has now teamed up with Jessica to create a beautiful collection of bespoke wall coverings, fabrics and cushions. All these were displayed alongside some of Jessica's paintings at the party and looked amazing. I have to admit that I would need a much bigger home for one of the sofas, but a few cushions or some delicately patterned panels of fabric would work very nicely even in the smallest abode.

Everything for the evening had Jessica's signature style and art firmly stamped on it and included tables with wallpaper cuttings and paintbrushes, drinks that looked like they had in fact been painted, waiters wearing "painted" aprons and even some beautiful canvas bags filled with some very nice goodies for the guests to take home. If you would like to see more of Jessica's art, click here and be prepared to be wowed.