For a bit of random weekend fun, I thought I'd share a selection of some of my latest Instagram pics and the things that I liked or made me smile over the last couple of weeks. I always think it's a shame that they seem to "disappear" and have a lesser role here than my "real" (i.e. camera) photos, so this is their big moment ;-)

Instagram Vintage.jpg

These are some finds from Greenwich Market (a vintage kerosine bottle which I plan to turn into a vase and some fab cards) and a beautifully weathered old door and letterbox. There's something about flaked paint and old wood that makes me wonder who might live behind a door like this.

Instagram Business Card and Strawberries.jpg

My new letterpress business cards printed in Tangerine Tango (still one of my favourite colours, even if it makes me so last year) which I can now proudly give out to the world. Before you ask, the contact details are on the back. Is there anything better than fresh strawberries? 

Instagram Colour.jpg

Cottons Rhum Shack in Shoreditch with their Barbados sign which made me smile and wish I really was there (Barbados that is, not Shoreditch!)  How about this brilliant tiled floor mosaic in East Dulwich? Wouldn't it be fun to have something like this on a patio?