Instagram Coffee (and tea)...

Disclaimer: All images in this post have been taken with my iPhone. I thought I'd mention straight away why a) all images are square and b) they might not quite be the same quality you'd usually see here. Having said that, they're not too bad for phone shots. 

All these are "coffee shots" from my Instagram account. I wanted to share these shots because Instagram plays quite a part in my online life now. Since I started posting pictures on there, I have discovered that I love telling tiny stories through my images and sharing small moments without having to write whole big posts. I often feel like sharing an image when I don't necessarily have the words to go with it. And I've built up something of a collection of my coffee (and tea) shots that I take quite often.

It is that collection (actually, a part of it) that I wanted to see in one place. I wanted to put them together because the concept of having one permanent fixture with things around it constantly changing is a fun and interesting one. It's a little like "my coffee through the seasons". In a way, it's a visual story of mornings and small pleasures. It's a sunny summer morning with fresh fruit and flowers and a blustery autumn morning with fallen leaves. It's the lightness of spring and the darkness of winter. It's celebrating happy moments and getting ready for work. It's simply a part of my life and I'm quite happy to have found a way to share these tiny moments. So, here's a selection of my "instagram coffee moments". 

Tomorrow I'll share a very sweet recipe, until then see you on InstagramTwitter and Facebook… xo