How to chill...

How do you chill? It seems that it's becoming increasingly difficult to switch off nowadays. We're surrounded by technology and social media, and even reading something like a newspaper is increasingly being done online. Taking time to relax, seems to become something of a challenge, especially when there's no clear separation between office and home as it happens to be the case for me. Working from home in my day job and for my freelance work, dropping everything at 5pm simply never happens. 

When I have sudden ideas for images or posts, I don't wait until "I'm back in the office" at 8.30am the next morning to work on them, I might start a draft at 11.30pm. Knowing that there are deadlines looming might mean working evenings and weekends. The lack of physical separation between an office and home (what are laptops for if not working from the comfort of your sofa) can make it more difficult to take time out than it would usually be.

So, how do I chill and what would I recommend? I've never really been somebody who can sit on a beach for a whole afternoon and just do nothing. I get fidgety. Playing with my camera, looking around and taking in what is going on is relaxing to me. Walking around a city or a beautiful part of the country to discover new things is how I like to relax. I'm always driven by the desire to discover something I might not have seen before. I can just about switch off for the length of a movie in a cinema, but when I watch one at home, I tend to do something else on the side.

Luckily, part of my work does actually feel relaxing to me. Being 'in my own little world', arranging objects, flowers, food and other things, taking photos, all these things are a good way for me to relax. Even if it is essentially work, it's something I love doing so much that it doesn't feel like it. That for me is the secret. Work that is so fulfilling that I don't need time off from it to chill. That, and 15-minute power naps. They're very refreshing! What about you? How do you chill?

Coffee, magazine, glasses & flowers
Spring flowers & coffee
Coffee, feathers & pencil
Refections in coffee cup
Spring flowers & coffee