House Tour: Chris Dyson...

Posts like this one are the reason why nobody should ever put me in charge of editing (read: throw out) images for a magazine: faced with a stunning interior full of interesting details, who could possibly whittle the images down to just one handful? Not me. This is the kind of home where I could spend hours observing, discovering and admiring. Filled with personal and unusual things, it has exactly the kind of vibe that speaks to me and makes me feel like I'm looking at something truly exceptional rather than another run-of-the mill house. 

So, this is the Georgian Spitalfields home of architect Chris Dyson which I was able to visit as part of the Houzz and Function & Form collaboration. As with most "group activities" (I've written about all this before, so won't bore you with it again), I was hesitant to join at first, but the small gathering of people was not only really well planned in the sense that we were all like-minded, but also in terms of personalities. We all "ooh"-d and "aah"-d at the interiors and listened with interest to what Chris had to say about the property and his home. 

This four-storey townhouse which houses a small gallery as well as serving as a home was bought by Chris and his family in 2005 and has been extensively renovated in order to return it to its former glory. Windows were reinstated, interiors painted in colours fitting for the age of the property and floorboards lime washed. I have to admit though that all this would have gone straight over my head if we hadn't been told about it as, for me, it was all about the many small details. Whilst the gallery part was of course fairly ordered (as you'd expect) and very nice, the home part was the really attractive side for me. All the lived-in clutter (clutter being a good thing here), the pieces of art, antiques, ephemera, collectables and memories mixed with seemingly unremarkable everyday items made for an incredibly exciting and personal space. I'm by nature no minimalist and this really reflected what home means to me: a place that truly shows who we are and the journey we've been on throughout our life. I guess I might as well let the images speak for themselves as they will give you a much better idea of what I'm talking about than any of my ramblings.