#Found for a Pound...

Over the weekend, I've had an idea. One of those lightbulb moments that came to me when I posted a picture of something I had found at a car boot sale on Instagram. Instagram is fast becoming a favourite place for me to share pics and spur-of-the-moment mini posts (if one can call a single image that) which are quicker than a whole blog post. There are also many fab and inspirational people there and it's fun to see what they like and what they're up to. 

Desk Detail

However, and I might of course be completely alone with that one (feel free to let me know if I am), I am getting a little exasperated with posts that basically show off that somebody has a credit card, is able to navigate a shop and then adds numerous hashtags and mentions to the various brands. There's something about that which just doesn't sit right with me. Don't get me wrong, I like a a bit of shopping as much as the next person and we all work with brands which is a great thing. I do sponsored posts and I give the occasional mention on Instagram - generally more small retailers - and there's nothing wrong with anybody doing that. However, there's probably nothing less inspiring than an image of a product followed by twenty hashtags...

Little Blue Bottles

Now, as there's no point in making a statement like this unless I actually have something more to say, and so I thought we could have a little bit of different shopping fun together. I want to bring a little bit of fun and creativity to the whole thing. Over the last couple of weeks, I've started using a hashtag for some of my pics: #foundforapound . It's about finding those little treasures that make us smile and don't cost the earth, or, to be precise, cost £1. Now, I can hear you say "what can you get for £1 nowadays?". Well, the little blue bottles were £0.50 each from a car boot sale and my miniature pottery vases were £1 each from a charity shop. It could be anything. Some beads, a vintage spoon, a seashell, a hair clip, a flower - anything that makes you smile for £1 ($1 or €1) only. 

Miniature Pottery Vases

Don't get me wrong, this is not about stopping anybody from doing their usual shopping or enjoying the bigger purchases, it's about having a little creative fun. I'm sure we can put together a #foundforapound gallery on Instagram that is full of little treasures. So, what do you think? Maybe it could be a little competition. In fact, I think it should. Follow me on Instagram, post a pic of your #foundforapound treasure including the hashtag and the best one every week will receive a small gift. So, let's have some fun and I look forward to your fab and fun entries.