It's been a pretty dismal week. Mainly grey and rainy, not good for the soul or wellbeing. I can deal with a few days of rain, it's a part of living in this country and those days can actually be good when making the conscious decision to take them as they come and chill. However, after a while, the permanently low-hanging clouds and hair frizzing up beyond control really do lose their novelty factor and I'm ready for a little colour and - yes - Spring.

I know it's only February and Spring is probably a very long way away, but nature seems to already show the first, timid signs of Winter making way for the warmer season. I spotted the first snowdrops last weekend when out for a walk which made me smile. When looking around, I found a couple more hints of colour - small, but enough to make me believe the grey clouds will eventually disappear. Now that's something to look forward to, don't you think? Wishing you all a lovely weekend with a little colour.

First snowdrops
yellow lock
orange reeds