Donauwellen Cake...

I'm on a weight loss mission. You know, that famous one that has the word "weight" in the title. That means that I'm currently turning into one of those weird people who will cook and bake for others and then not have any herself. It's tough! Especially when baking big cakes like this one as even a small slice would probably blow my entire week's points allowance. 

This is my "UK version" of the German cake known as Donauwelle. Translated, it literally means "Danube wave" and my guess is that the name comes from the fact that in the chocolate cover on the top is "combed" to look like waves. It is traditionally made on a large baking tray, but unless you want to feed your entire office, I think this version is much nicer.

As quite a few of the ingredients aren't available in the UK, I had to come up with my own version and this is it. A cake with layers of sponge, dark cherries, mascarpone and chocolate. If this sounds tempting, then hop over here where you'll find my recipe for it.