Creating a mood board...

Today I'm making a big exception here. Big for me as I'm breaking one of my cardinal blog rules just this once. As you know, I only ever use my own images here - unless I happen to be in the picture, in which case it has obviously been taken by somebody else. So, I'm breaking my rule today to introduce you to one of the fabulous Modenus BlogTourNYC sponsors. 

                                                                                        A mood board I created on nousDECOR

                                                                                        A mood board I created on nousDECOR

This is nousDECOR which is a new online platform where you can create mood boards and sample boards for any room and home. Creating such boards is obviously important for anybody who works in interiors and this site gives you the tools to share them online which is a great idea when working away from a customer. Imagine your customer sends you an image of their dream living room and you can then put the board together with that image attached and they can view it online. How good is that? And there's another very handy detail. Each time you add a piece of furniture or an accessory, the costs are automatically calculated. That means you can create a board with a specific budget in mind and adjust the costs accordingly.

So, say you choose an inspirational image featuring a multi-million pound home. You can then put together a look that is either as high end as the original or choose a budget option for your board which is featured next to the image. If you can't find what you're looking for, just add your own images. You can then make your board public for others to see, like and be inspired by, or keep it private just for personal use. Not only is this a fun site to work on, but it also has a community where you can ask for help with your board or suggestions for a piece of furniture. Genius, non? 

I did have fun putting my first board together. However, and that's a relatively small complaint, I wish the white background behind each item was either transparent or closely cropped. It took quite some time to arrange the pieces in a way that the background wouldn't overlap other pieces and I had to resort to reducing the sizes of some to make them fit. That aside, it's a great site that will definitely come in handy in future.