Colour coordinated...

Wow, it's Monday again! I don't know about you, but the weekends always seem to fly by, especially when I'm mega busy. Apparently weekends are made for relaxing. But who am I kidding. Weekends are the time for me to edit (stacks of) images, try and answer some emails (I don't think I'll ever catch up on my inbox) and try to get out of my 'office' (aka home) to soak up some new inspiration - the latter being the relaxing part, even if I always have blogging in the back of my mind.

Last week was pretty packed with events. To the extent that I had to cancel an invite to an exhibition opening because I wouldn't have been able to meet deadlines any other way. As you know, I went to TopDrawer on Monday, I worked flat out Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday morning I had been invited to the Olympic park to view some fabulous apartments (more of that tomorrow) and had friends over for dinner in the evening (cue mega-quick cleaning), on Friday I went to Tent London (part of the London Design Festival) and to 100% Design on Saturday where I finally met lots of fab fellow bloggers, many of whom I 'knew', but only via social media. And yes, Sunday was filled with photo editing...

Anyway, more of all the above over the next few days! For now I thought I'd show you the newest lovely addition to our home. You already know of my love for the colour blue - and if you don't then check it here - and when I saw this vase, I fell for the colour as well as the shape and texture. Something was missing though. It was sitting there on the tray looking quite nice, but somehow 'detached' from the rest. That's when I thought I needed a small piece of matching 'art'. So, I got out a canvas (I have those lying around at home, don't you?), my acrylic paints and a palette knife and went to work. And this is the result. I'm not usually somebody who paints in an abstract way, I much prefer portraits, but this just seemed right. The aim was to echo the textures and colour variations from the vase and create a reference between the vase and the surroundings. What do you think, did I nail it?

Colour matched vase and artJPG
Colour matched art and vase.jpg
Colour matched art and vase.JPG
Colour matched art and vase.jpg