Coffee table heaven and other treasures...

Remember my big living room reveal post where I boasted told you about the room being completely finished? Well, how quickly things change. I know, change is good and this one had been a long time coming, but I didn't expect it to happen so suddenly and might have waited with the big reveal had I known it was about to happen. Because I had been so undecided for so long over the subject, I thought it would never happen and I'd be stuck with our old, wooden trunk forever. Well, not anymore!

We finally have a "proper" coffee table. Not one that needs to double up as storage space, not one only bought for practicality reasons (though it obviously needs to fulfil its practical duty), not one that "will do" because I can't find THE ONE. No, this is THE ONE. Is it ok to talk about a coffee table like this? Believe me, I thought it'd never happen. I had been looking for some time, but just couldn't find the right thing. Too small, too high/low, too bling-y, too "faux industrial", too "yellow pine", too get the idea. Nothing was quite right. I didn't want anything to match our daybed and I didn't want any more rattan. I just wanted something different (you know, something different enough to not match with any of my other pieces yet work with the whole room at the same time - makes sense to me...) without quite knowing what. It's one of those things where I knew I'd know the moment I see it, but I simply hadn't seen it yet. I was seriously ready to go back to wine crates as they seemed a better option than anything I could find. 

And then it happened. I had several shoots for Hide & Seek London which involved styling and shooting a selection of Helen's gorgeous cowhide tables. Amongst other things. Because Helen just has some of the most fabulous items in her shop (you should really take a peek!) and I want most of them. Anyway, I knew the moment I clapped my beady little eyes on it that this was THE ONE. The right height, large enough to accommodate varying bits and bobs, different enough to avoid any "match-y - match-y" (you know what I mean, right?) look and covered in stunning dark brown cowhide with a white stripe going down the middle. 

I was a little worried (though admittedly not worried enough not to get the table) that Monsieur might turn around and hate it, but he actually likes it too which is a bonus. One thing to get used to? Well, I now use a vacuum cleaner to "dust" my coffee table which is just a little unusual. 

As if that (what I consider) lucky find wasn't enough, around the same time, I found my vintage plant stand (which you will already have seen in other posts) at my favourite little garage shop and I immediately knew would contrast so well with my Urbanara stand (stool actually) and my other rattan and bamboo items. Teal isn't usually my colour, but it's very dark and somehow just works - even for me. Of course I had to be sure it would work, so I completely trusted my instincts on that one. Doesn't everybody? So, my instincts tell me that I can't see this one changing any time soon especially since the goal is to have pieces (just as in my wardrobe) that I love and cherish. Just to be sure though, I actually walked away from the stand at first, thought about it, contacted the shop and bought it a week later. 

The last item (right at the bottom) in this "truly love it" (yes, I know, love is for people not things, don't judge me...) category then is my little French style folding mirror from Rose & Grey  that now hangs above our fireplace mantle. I originally had a dark collage sitting there but it just didn't - er - sit right with me. Somehow it just didn't work, I knew it didn't and I wanted to find something that would. I knew a mirror would be great, but finding the perfect one (perfect in my opinion anyway) wasn't easy: again, too big, too blingy, too girly, just not right, blah blah... Until I saw this one and knew (!!! yes, 3 exclamation marks!) this one was perfect for the space. 

So here I am. The living room is as perfect (read: not really perfect) as I like it whilst the rest of the house still needs a lot of work. Sealing and painting damp patches caused by rising damp and falling rain, painting rooms, sorting out the office, the kitchen remodel (so expensive that we just can't do it straight away), both the front and back garden need work (a lot!), the loft needs some attention... At least I have one room to retreat to, close the door and forget about it all.