Autumn sunshine...

A little while ago I wrote about feeling melancholic and how Autumn seems to weigh on my mind. On weekends like this one though, all traces of this feeling disappear. How can they not? All the colours and textures nature provides, blue skies, crisp air, nature walks, and a stunning view over London...

I didn't think I was going to take any pictures when we went for a walk as I'm trying to switch off completely for one day a week now, but I still ended up getting my iPhone out to snap these as I felt I really wanted to capture all these sights. I think it was worth it, don't you?

Autumn Sunshine in Wisley
Bright Red Autumn Leaves
Ducks in Wisley Gardens
Lichen and colourful leaves
Horniman Gardens Conservatory
Autumn Sunshine in Horniman Garden
Late Afternoon Sky
Late Afternoon Sunshine over London