Amsterdam, MTB, and me...

I'm back from Amsterdam. I actually had a post scheduled for yesterday and I will still post it at a later point, but somehow it didn't feel like the right time. It felt wrong to have something here that has no reference to the last few days especially since my head is still full with all the madness, excitement, many, many photos, and also slightly mixed feelings about Meet the Blogger. 

As most of you will know, I work from home. That means that I tend to spend a lot of time on my own, it's quiet unless I put some music on, and I can concentrate on one thought/task/email conversation at a time. I arrived in Amsterdam on Sunday morning as I figured I could explore the city a little before MTB would kick off on Monday. The weather was glorious and I spent hours aimlessly wandering about, watching people, visiting interesting looking shops, taking some pictures, and just chilling before meeting up with Kimberly who had flown in later in the day.  

On Monday morning we made our way to the fab MTB venue and suddenly I found myself in the midst of around 120 fab bloggers from all over the world. Chatter and laughter everywhere, excitement about the forthcoming couple of days and the prospect of meeting friends we had so far only known online. The first day was packed with talks, workshops and mingling. Victoria Smith from SF Girl by Bay was one of the speakers and the most inspirational, down to earth, and nicest person ever. For a blogger to be this successful and remain so friendly and humble was really refreshing and it was very obvious that she was a genuine person who was even nice enough to pose for a pic with me.

My personal mixed feelings lay somewhere else though. As I mentioned, I'm used to spending a lot of time on my own. My intention had been to meet all, yes all,  the people whose blogs I read, with whom I have been chatting on twitter, and the ones I discovered on the attendee list. I tired. I failed. Or at least that's what it felt like. I managed to talk to a few people, but due to the slightly manic (in a good way) atmosphere, any conversation seemed to end before it had properly started. I struggled to concentrate on a single person as various people would join and leave the conversation. It was like a big, busy bee hive. By the end of the first day I felt deflated, tired and awkward. Would people think I'm being rude for not managing to talk to them for more than five sentences? Why did I not manage to speak to this person standing over there or that person who looks familiar? 

Overall it was a fun and a great day, I just wish I had actually gone up to more people, said hello and got to know more of them better. So, if you are one of those people with whom I spoke for barely five minutes, I'm sorry if you were at the receiving end of my severely diminished attention span on the day. Hopefully we will have a chance to meet again and chat for more than five minutes...

PS: I have some more Amsterdam posts I'm looking forward to share - less writing, more pics.  

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Amsterdam Meet the Blogger Venue.JPG
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