Advent tea - take two...

So, on Friday I published my Advent tea post here. I had taken the pictures last week - the fact that it was the first candle of my Advent "wreath" would give that away, obviously. I had taken the pictures late afternoon when the light was pretty bad and I was clearly not concentrating enough. When going through all my photos I noticed that they were somewhat grainy. However, having other deadlines and Monday morning looming, I carried on thinking "it'll be ok". 

When I posted the images, I was still in doubt. They simply didn't seem good enough. And they weren't. I had set the ISO too high and the graininess was driving me mad. But as I have a self-imposed blog schedule, I posted them anyway.

Since yesterday, I kept going back to the post thinking "this is just awful". So, today I retook the images, made sure I had my camera settings sorted and changed all the images in the post. I know it might seem mad to redo an already published post, but I simply couldn't leave it as it was. I do most of my "talking" with my photos here and if they're not up to the best standards I can achieve, then I'm not happy.

That's not to say that all my images on my blog are masterpieces. Far from it. There are quite a few that make me cringe, but that's generally because I really didn't know better at the time. I'm not a photographer, I'm completely self-taught and I'm constantly learning. I shoot in manual mode which means I make mistakes. A lot of them. But as I'm learning, I'm also getting more critical of my own work and if it turns out that I've posted something that really doesn't measure up (and it really, really didn't in this case), then I will go through the whole process and retake the images. Provided I still have enough biscuits left...

So, you can check out the reworked post here. I hope they're up to your standards. 

1st Advent tea and candles