A visit to Ireland...

It hadn't been my intention to be away from here for so long and I can't believe we're already looking at the beginning of Autumn. Summer has gone in the blink of an eye or so it seems. I hope you're all well and you have made the most of the sunshine.

For me, it's been a lot of work, some travelling, house-hunting - it's been a mad couple of months in the best sense and the past month in particular has kept me pretty much offline as well as out of the sunshine. To be honest, I've also been putting off posting because I felt (and still feel) that I was simply missing the right words. I have the images, I have done work I'm proud of, have met some great people, have had a lovely time in France, but somehow I just couldn't find the right words to put it all together. It is as if my stories and thoughts have left me because I haven't had the time to dwell on anything, instead ploughing all my thinking and energy into my work. It is a strange place for somebody who relies on the comfort of her own thoughts in order to write. Challenging myself to step out of my self-imposed rhythm and comfort zone, the constant fear of failur, taking jobs which are simultaneously familiar to me because I've done similar work before and yet as different as every client. At the same time, it is of course a good place to be, no doubt about it. Having work coming in is not only vital for the obvious reasons, but I also still feel incredibly lucky to be doing something I love. 

So these images are from a job that was right up there with the big "wow moments" of my work. If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know about it and have seen some snapshots of Ireland. I spent three crazy-busy, exciting, beautiful and very intense days at Virginia Park Lodge an hour north of Dublin. I had been asked by chef Richard Corrigan to take pictures at his estate which included the lake and boathouse, the gardens and vegetable tunnels, the house itself, the kitchen, several of the rooms set up for functions, night shots...I told you it was busy! I ended up with just under 1200 images which I then of course needed to whittle down to a manageable amount before processing those. 

All throughout, I couldn't shake the feeling that I'm incredibly lucky and privileged to be there, being able to wander through the amazing gardens and working with some wonderful people. With the weather being somewhat changeable (well, it was Ireland after all) it gave me the opportunity to take some of the images in exactly the way I imagined Ireland to be: green, grey, dark, moody and windswept. Of course I didn't mind the sunshine either and it gave the grounds and my photos a completely different mood which meant a whole variety of shots to choose from. I would have loved to stay on for another few days just taking in the fresh air and the stunning grounds. Maybe another time... 

Virginia Park Lodge 17.jpg

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