A perfect day...

"Big days" like birthdays don't always need to be big days in the party, "all bells and whistles" sense. Sometimes it's more important to just have time with someone we love. To take time off from seemingly never ending work loads and to simply see what happens. When I celebrated my birthday last weekend, I was completely and perfectly happy to have a rare day where Monsieur and I just spent the whole day together with no particular plans. It was a glorious and sunny day and after putting the flowers my mum sent from her garden into a vase, unwrapping my new favourite plate and listening to new CDs Monsieur had so well chosen, we made our way to Southbank for a walk along the Thames, some people watching and book browsing.

We wandered over to the other side of the river and stopped off for a Baba au Rhum, a cup of coffee and some chatting before returning home. Some "silly kitchen dancing" (mostly from me) and laughs about it (mostly from him) was as far as the party went and we later sat down to some canap├ęs, bubbly, and to watch an old black and white movie before sharing some of the cake Monsieur had baked for me. Big party? Maybe next time. For now I think this was a perfect day...

Birthday Flowers.jpg
London Birthday 1.jpg
Baba au rhum 2.jpg
London Birthday 5.jpg