40 facts about me...

Yesterday I was tagged and asked by my lovely friend Anya if I would take part in "40 facts about me". At first I thought it was going to take me a long time to come up with these, I mean, 40 facts?! Then I spent part of my day baking. When I bake, I let my thoughts wander. Having the idea still in my head, I kept going back to my desk and writing down one point after another. By the end of the day I had my 40 facts together. So, here they are. Things about me you might not know yet. I think... 

A few of my tools

  • I was born in Paris and still feel it’s my city despite having spent most of my life away.
  • I’ve had a strand of grey hairs on the back of my head since I was a baby.
  • By the time I was 12, my feet were a size 8 and I would “borrow” my dad’s desert boots.
  • I love November with all its rubbish weather and early evenings.
  • I’m not good in big groups and feel intimidated and socially awkward in such situations.
  • Despite being usually rather quiet, when I do warm to a group, I tend to turn into something not dissimilar to an over-excited seal, which makes me look like a moron.
  • I love long, drawn out dinners with a few friends and lots of wine.
  • Monsieur and my son make me happy. We're the perfect little team.
  • I don’t mind laughing at myself because I’ve done lots of stupid things in my life. Lots.
  • I find people who can’t laugh at themselves weird and they unnerve me.
  • I tend to get upset about small things and stay calm and laugh at the big catastrophes.
  • I ride a motorbike and went on my biggest adventure in 2007. All the way to Timbuktu and back. 8000 miles in a month.
  • My gut instinct is usually right and I listen to it more than to rational thoughts. It’s always served me well.
  • I have a lot of empathy for people who struggle with life and nearly always give money to a homeless person. Most of us are just one big event away from ending up in the same situation.
  • I believe that society has a duty to look after its weakest members and struggle with the selfishness in today's world.
  • I observe people's actions, they tell me more than their words and often don't fit together.
  • I think that telling the truth is overrated: I weigh up whether it will benefit the other person or just hurt them and might then employ a little white lie.
  • I don’t like people who disguise insults with “I’m just being honest”.
  • I don’t do well with aggressive, "in-your-face" people. They intimidate me.
  • Bad grammar drives me mad: "should of" (should've!), 2 banana's (2 bananas!), a bee in it's hive (its!). Argh!
A few of my tools
  • I suffer extreme mood swings and have a very light as well as a very dark side. I rarely have “normal” days, I’m either sky-high or gut-wrenchingly low.
  • When I get anxious (which is more often than I like) I clean.
  • I'm bad at taking compliments and take criticism way too personally.
  • I clean and tidy my kitchen before I bake or cook , I can’t concentrate otherwise. Well, and afterwards, too, obviously.
  • I hate exercise, but love dancing. I could dance for hours forgetting that I’m actually exercising.
  • I don’t like “shouting” about myself or showing off. I’m even apologetic when giving somebody my business card.
  • It took me a very long time, lots of practice in those fields and overcoming self-doubt before I dared to call myself a “stylist and photographer”. I always feel like an impostor.
  • My quietness gets misinterpreted as arrogance.
  • I hate conflict and will go the extra mile to please people and avoid it.
  • Despite hating conflict, I swear like a trooper when I’m driving. I hate bad driving (use your indicator!) even more than conflict.
  • I’ve worn out the horn on one of my previous cars and it needed replacing.
  • I’m terribly impatient, mostly with myself.
  • The first thing I do when I buy a magazine is to rip out all the “thick” advertising pages so that I can properly flick through it.
  • My home is always and constantly in a state of “being updated”. I’m forever changing bits around and don’t think I’ll ever be finished.
  • In my home as in my clothing, I don’t “do” much colour. I like a muted palette of black, white, greys combined with natural materials.
  • I like my home with a lived-in feel and all its imperfections.
  • My dream car is a classic 1970s Citroën DS .
  • I’m a serial plant-killer, not something I’m proud of.
  • I really like bumble bees.
  • I believe in Karma.

Well, that's it! Wow! 40 facts which you may or may not find interesting. I hope you've enjoyed the read. Until next time, find me on InstagramTwitter and Facebook… xo