3 inspirational interiors books...

When it comes to books on interiors and design, I seem to turn into a mad hoarder. My bookshelf is stuffed with books that are inspirational, visually stunning, informative, and fun. They cover subjects from 'homemade' to luxury interiors and from historical references to modern interiors. They are an endless source of inspiration and often fascinate me with their amazing content. So, I thought I'd share three of my (current) favourites. Maybe you'll find them as inspirational as I do.

Life and Work.JPG

'Life and Work - Malene Birger's Life in Pictures' comes right at the top. This for me is one of those books that I can open and feel completely at home in. The Danish designer's homes, office and fashion are so full of beauty and personality. The combination of whites, black, natural elements, finds from travels are all put together with amazing attention to detail. It's this attention to detail that gives it a look that is elegant without being stuffy, bohemian without looking scruffy and timeless without seeming dated. The amount of stunning pictures makes it the perfect book to inspire and spend a cosy afternoon with - though you might want to make sure you're comfortable as it's a big coffee table book.

Available from teNeues Publishing Ltd, £70.00

Decorating with Style.JPG

'Decorating with Style' by Abigail Ahern might come as a surprise to people who know me. At first glance, Abigail's style looks so far removed from my own that it might make you wonder why I picked this. The queen of dark interiors would of course never put up with my pale grey walls (though she did once subscribe to the scandi style) and more restraint decorating style. However, this book has a huge amount of very interesting and lovely dark interiors which I find really fascinating to look at - even if I couldn't actually live in rooms this dark. The book is beautiful, inspirational and practical. It's absolutely packed with fabulous tips and tricks for decorating and full with real interiors with great personality. If you like eclectic interiors, then this really is the one to go for.

From Quadrille Publishing, £16.99

Visual Contrast.JPG

'Visual Contrast' by Tim Rundle is a great book if you're looking to learn about display. Now, this isn't my first book about the art of displaying items in your home, but it's the first one I'm not actually disappointed by. It does of course have all the stunning images you'd expect, but what's really fascinating is the way Tim explains it all. The book is decided in four sections, Shape, Colour, Placement and Personality and he has written the science, thoughts, theories and ideas behind it all in essay style. He shows vast amounts of examples on how he applies his knowledge and really inspires creativity within our homes. An absolutely superb buy for anybody interested in creating interesting displays full of beauty and personality.

From Ryland Peters & Small, £25.00