Tartlets and a new Blog!

Finally! I've made it! After weeks of building, frantically scratching my head because I was completely unfamiliar with this platform, tweaking, annoying the support staff with numerous emails, adding posts, changing things around and scratching my head some more...my new blog is finally live! What do you think?! Please let me know if you discover any problems with the site, if the rss feed doesn't work or any other issues...

Anyway, I thought I'd bring you a little more than just a new blog - it would be rude not to! So, I've come up with something tasty for you. These are apple and goat's cheese tartlets. I like the combination of sweet and savoury, and cheese and apples are a great pairing. If you would like to find out how to make them, head over here where I've posted the recipe and more pics for you.

So, I hope you're all well and wish you a good start to the week.