Seasonal choice...

Is it Spring yet? No. Clearly not. It's pretty much the end of March and it's butt-freezing, snowing, and feels like I should be baking Christmas biscuits instead of Easter treats. Admittedly, all this is pretty much enough for me to go and hide under a blanket until somebody tells me that the sun is finally out for more than a couple of minutes...

The weather also plays havoc with my usual food choices for this time of the year. I'm a very seasonal eater and tend to gravitate towards stodgy food during the dark Winter months and look forward to fresh salads, fruit, and other lighter dishes from February onwards. Unfortunately the light choices seem weirdly out of place at the moment and I'm finding myself in a in the position of trying to choose between what my head tells me (it's Spring, it's time for lighter food) and what I actually feel like (it's winterly cold, I need something warm and filling) at the moment.

So, here's one of my happy compromises. A salad that's fresh and at the same time filling with warm ingredients. Curious? Well, hop over 


 where you can find out more and where I've posted the recipe. I hope you'll like it and if you do, let us know by leaving a "hello" in the comment section :-)

Right then lovelies, I hope you're all keeping warm and wish you a good Monday.

Early Spring Salad with Chicken breast and bacon.jpg