Labour and Wait...

When the evenings are getting cooler and I don't have a choice but to admit that summer really is on its way out, my instincts turn from outdoor living to my home. I call them my "nesting instincts". I clean, de-clutter (again), change some of my displays, buy candles, home fragrances, and utensils needed for cooking porridge and stews, and for baking cakes and bread.

This is the season when you can find me spending lengthy amounts of time browsing through lovely little shops full with everything that I might need to make my home even more homely. One of these shops is 

Labour and Wait 

on Redchurch Street in East London. A charming and at the same time cool little corner shop packed with lovely old fashioned household items which I know will all come in useful at one point or another. It offers exactly the kind of beautiful basics I need to make the transition from outdoorsy summer living to the darker and colder months of the year less gloomy and ease that niggling feeling that summer has passed far too quickly...

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