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I'm Carole Poirot (yes, that's my real name), writer of this blog and photographer of all images you see here. 

Originally from Paris, I have previously also lived in Germany and have settled in London in 2009.

I am passionate about interiors and styling, food, painting and photography. I love strolling through Shoreditch as much as visiting historic buildings, wandering through the countryside, spending time searching for treasures at markets, laughing with friends, or cuddling up with my two men.

I'm a dreamer with ambitions, a mum with a motorbike, an admirer of beauty with an edge. I enjoy fashion from afar but lack the will to take part in every trend. I still haven't learned to walk in heels and (mostly) don't care. I wear mostly bright red lipstick and don't feel fully dressed unless I wear perfume. My hair is mostly an unruly mess which is one of the reasons you'll rarely see pictures of me.

I quit my day job in 2014 to pursue my career in styling and photography full time. The time had come when I couldn't do it all anymore and I had built up enough of a business to take the leap. Originally aspiring to become an interior designer, I soon discovered that I hated drawing floor plans, but loved putting the finishing touches in after the main built was done. I'm also a passionate cook, try to develop my own recipes (not always successful) and love to photograph the results in the most appealing way. I started photography as a teenager with a Praktica film camera and even though I didn't have the confidence to pursue it further back then, I never gave up on the idea of one day making a career of it. Through customers asking for a combination of my skills, I am now able to combine styling, cooking and photography.

I am always looking to make everyday life as beautiful, pleasant and fulfilling as possible in a way that is accessible, doesn't rely on a financial fortune and pays attention to small details. This is my place to share the things I am passionate about. Interiors and styling one day, food the next, life in general the one after that. In short, all those things that make life beautiful and interesting.

If you have any further question, are interested in my styling services or collaborations, please feel free to contact me by using the contact form. I would love to hear from you.

The important small print:

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